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Washita River 


Rose's Canoe Trips
Davis, OK 73030
Phone: 580-369-2223
Ten-mile trips on Washita River. Stop off for picnic, arrowhead hunt, explore, etc., $15 per person, Rose's Grocery, Hwy 77, 2 miles north of Turner Falls Park, 2 miles south of Davis.

Washita River Canoes
Hwy 77 South, Davis, OK 73030
Phone: 580-369-2223
Canoe rides

Trips of 7.5, 13.4 or 21.9 miles can be taken between US Highway 77 off SH 7 south of Davis down to SH 53 east of Gene Autry.  Local heavy rainfall can turn Big Canyon into a Class 1 ride.  A boat can be swamped or flipped during high water. 

The Washita River has quite a history. 

Washita also spelled Ouchita  river rising in the Texas Panhandle, northwestern Texas, U.S. It flows east across the Oklahoma boundary, then southeast to south-central Oklahoma, and south into Lake Texoma, formed by Denison Dam in the Red River, downstream from the former mouth of the Washita at Woodville, Okla. The river, 626 miles (1,007 km) long and draining 8,018 square miles (20,767 square km), flows past Cheyenne, Clinton, Mountain View, Anadarko, Chickasha, Pauls Valley, and Davis. Dams (the Foss, and the Fort Cobb on Pond Creek) have been built to create reservoirs along its course. For most of the year, except for some periods of rainfall in spring and early summer, the stream bed is dry. From Anadarko to Lake Texoma, increased rainfall has created a permanent winding stream that is sluggish and subject to severe floods. Southeast of Davis, the Washita has cut a gorge into the Arbuckle Mountains 350 feet (107 m) deep and 15 miles (24 km) long.

The Washita River rises in southeastern Roberts County (at 3538' N, 10036' W) and flows east for thirty-five miles, crossing southern Hemphill County to enter Roger Mills County, Oklahoma. From the state line the stream flows southeast for 260 miles to its junction with the Red River (at 3355' N, 9635' W) in Johnston County, Oklahoma. On its course through Texas, the river flows through flat to rolling country where clay and sandy loams support brush and grasses. Since the stream was a favorite campground for nomadic tribes, the upper Washita was the scene of much military activity during the sporadic Indian wars. Col. George A. Custer'sqv attack on Black Kettle's village, known as the battle of the Washita, occurred near present-day Cheyenne, Oklahoma, on November 27, 1868. The Indian siege of Capt. Wyllys Lyman's wagon train took place near the Washita in Hemphill County on September 9-14, 1874. Hide hunters frequented the upper Washita, as did early ranchers, for whom the stream was a favorite place to water their herds. In recent years a series of dams and small reservoirs has been constructed along the Washita and its tributaries in Hemphill County. The Battle of the Washita took place near Cheyenne. The river's name is from the Indian tribal name Wichita.  A total of about 6,000 American Indians were in winter camp along the upper Washita River.

General (later President) Zachary Taylor established Fort Washita near lower end of the river in 1842 to protect citizens of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations from the plains indians. The Fort was about 19 miles above where the Washita river runs into the Red River.[2]




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