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Janene Caudle McGuire

Michelle Gruschin

Thank you for taking time to visit our Web Site and see what Shop Oklahoma is all about. Janene and Michelle are native Oklahomans, Sooners, or you may call us Okies. Janene was born in Tulsa.. In fact, Janeneís Grandmother and family came to Oklahoma by way of covered wagon from Alabama before Oklahoma statehood. Michelle's family worked in the coal mines around Henryetta Oklahoma. Both have been involved with their own separate businesses and, as well, Janene was formerly mayor of Bixby, Ok. They decided to partnership their experience in creating Shop Oklahoma. We intend to be the premiere shopping channel for the State of Oklahoma, and sell Oklahoma world wide.  We have now added another partner named Karen Moon Tinker.  So far, we have her too busy to get a picture and little bio.

Shop Oklahoma advertises, promotes and sells products hand crafted, manufactured or processed in the State of Oklahoma.  We now are accepting all Oklahoma Business'.  Our goal is to level the playing field for the small independent business man and to give him the same exposure as the mega companies.

People of Oklahoma are courageous, hard working and honest . We are very proud of our Indian heritage and recognize the suffering,  persecution and many deaths of the American Indian Tribes. We are a people who have persevered through depression, dust bowl days and the Oklahoma City bombing. We are loyal to God, friends and Country.

The highest point in Oklahoma is Black Mesa, located in the Panhandle at 4,973 feet. The lowest point in the state is east of Idabel in southeast Oklahoma at 287 feet above sea level.

Oklahoma has the second largest Native American population of any state, except California. Many of the 252,420 American Indians living in the state (8 percent of population) are descended from 67 tribes who inhabited Indian Territory (what is now the state of Oklahoma). Tribal headquarters for 39 tribes are in Oklahoma. The city of Tulsa ranks second in the United States for total number of American Indian residents with 48,196. Oklahoma City ranks fourth, with 45,720 American Indian residents.

Oklahoma ranks 6th in the USA as a home crafter state. We have more miles of shorline than any other state and have four different mountain ranges reaching into Oklahoma (Little Smokies).  Oklahoma has 12 distinct ecosystems, everything from mesas, sand dunes and wetlands to mountains, wilderness and tall grass prairie. Only one state has more and that's Texas, with 13. We also have plains, clear streams rippling over the flint rock, and lots of trees. We welcome you to Oklahoma.

Our site received 10,169,230 accesses from  10/20/01 to 8/19/2002 and we continue to grow.


The above pictures were taken with our 3 year old digital camera. 


ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc.  is protected by copyright under U.S. and International copyright laws and conventions. Without the express written permission of ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc. or the other copyright holders, the User may not use, distribute, store, modify, publish, transmit or participate in the transfer, sale or reproduction nor create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display or store any part of its Material for purposes other than the Userís personal, noncommercial use. User may copy the Material or otherwise download items for personal, noncommercial use, provided the User maintains all copyright information on such Materials and has obtained written permission from ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc.


ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc.is respectful of your privacy.   For your own information and protection, please read the following policy carefully and check back from time to time for changes to the policy.


Personal information requested of you on ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc.  including that given in connection with any registration process, may be used by ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc.  for its own internal business purposes. ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc. reserves the right to send electronic mail to you for the purpose of informing you of changes in or additions to the website or any Shop Oklahoma  product or service.

However, this privacy policy covers only ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc.  and not those partners and advertisers you may encounter through the website. The privacy policy of these third party vendors, advertisers, contest partners, etc., cannot be controlled by ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc.  and may therefore, be different. We suggest you familiarize yourself with these separate policies as well.


Personal information provided to ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc. is not sold, traded or otherwise delivered to a third party without the permission of the person providing that information. Individual information will only be given to third parties if you have permitted us to do so.


Please understand that personal information made available for public viewing in public message boards, forums, chat areas or email may be captured and viewed by the public. ShopOklahoma.Com, Inc. cannot be held responsible for information that you reveal to others publicly


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Shop Oklahoma does not compete with its customers.  We do not sell anything but service.
We do not sell our mailing list, you may keep your privacy.
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Shop Oklahoma, Jenks, Oklahoma 74037

Shop Oklahoma  has been in business since 1996 and maintains over 1000 pages on our site not counting websites we develop and host.  We continue to grow having had 12.1 million accesses in the last 12 months.  We are in the process of streamlining the site and automating many of our services.

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Janene, Karen, Linda and Michelle

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Shop Oklahoma has had over 12 million accesses in the last 12 months