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Cherokee Indian artist Terry Tennyson recently returned from successful showings in Europe where
American Indian Art is in great demand. Depending on the detail, a feather painting might take anywhere
from one week to a month to complete using a tiny brush made of seven mink hairs and a porcupine quill.
A feather painting titled "Trail of Tears" contained as many as 233 individual characters each with
faces, hair and distinct clothing, 17 trees, 15 calvary officers, 4 horses, 2 wagons and a dog. All of his work is
Native American depicting legends and beauty. Terry paints all of his feather art traditionally using dyes that date back over 150 years.

The feathers remain soft and supple, allowing the artwork to bend without harm. Each feather is an original as
they cannot be duplicated. The feather and its story come beautifully framed although color and shapes may
vary due to the nature of the craft. You may request certain color families but allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
Mr. Tennyson also makes artifacts the same way his ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

The World Wide Web cannot do justice to our art. Be sure to click on the blue link to see the larger version