St. Aidan's Episcopal Church
4045 N. Cincinnati Drive

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106

St. Adian'sHistory

St. Aidan's was born out of the merger of two north side churches in 1973.  The merger of St. Thomas' predominantly black church and St. Mark's predominantly white church was an experiment many thought would fail.  But it didn't.  It was the first church of the mainline Christian traditions to act intentionally to integrate the Sunday morning worship.  25 years, later, St. Aidan's remains unique in its intentional racial and ethnic diversity.

The Church's predominant makeup is African and European peoples, yet many of our members have American Indian heritages as well.  We are committed to the celebration of our diversity in our music, our worship and the many ways we share community life together.

Easter Celebration 1998

1998 Confirmation Class

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