St. Aidan's Episcopal Church
4045 N. Cincinnati Drive

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106

Who was St. Aidan?

AIDAN was a Celtic monk living on the Isle of Iona in the Irish Sea off the coast of Scotland, in the Seventh Century.  When the Celtic Christian Church fell to invaders in Northern England, Aidan went to the Isle of Lindisfarne off the Eastern shore of northern England, where he based his missionary work to restore the faith and to convert the King.  By faithfulness, charity and perseverance he accomplished what he had set out to do.

St. Aidan's Church chose its name that it might be a beacon of faith to the people of North Tulsa.  With the hope and the vision that St. Aidan's Community would impact the lives of North Tulsans by its faith and action, St. Aidan's Mission was established.

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