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As you know, hackers tore up our Data Base for and Events.  We are back up, but we will need your help in getting everything fine tuned like we had it.  More work will be done, but we are ready to start putting up our shows and events.  Thanks for your patience.  Janene @shopoklahoma.com


To List an upcoming Craft Show or Festival click here
Instructions are Below if you want to look at them first

click on down arrow, make your selection, then click on "Go"

How to Add an Event (Craft or any Event) :

The Shop Oklahoma Schedule, Festivals, Fairs and Shows  is maintained by people just like you who are part of the Shop Oklahoma web community. Most of them participate on our Discussion Forum (sometimes called a Bulletin Board).

To add an event to our Listings you first have to

  1. Register on the Shop Oklahoma Forum. (There are links below to step you through the process.) When you register, your e-mail address will be confirmed; this helps us protect our Forum. We do not sell e-mail addresses to anyone for any reason.  Once you are registered you are granted permission to Add New Events to the Shop Oklahoma Forum Calendar and/or craft show page or event page. You will need to keep a record of your log in and your password.  After you once register you will just log in on the future visits.  You'll see an icon for the Calendar in the upper right portion of the Forum page. It looks like this. [ Calendar.]  If you click on the word Calendar it takes you to a real calendar.  Shows are listed on the Calendar as well as being on the Craft Show Page or the Events Page. On the Calendar page you will see links at the top and bottom of the page that will let you Add the event.  You can also change the month and year of the calendar at the bottom of the page. 

  • You will need to give the show a NAME or TITLE

  • You will see a place to add the Event Location City/Town:  List the address such as "Downtown, and then the city." We only do Oklahoma events so don't bother putting the state. 

  • You will need to put what kind of event that is taking place.  If it is both a  craft show and a festival, I would probably list on both the page as well as the Festival Page.  Just do it twice.

  • Next is the Date of the Event:  If it is a one day event just put the day, date and year.  If it is two day event or more click on Ranged Event.  Then you will put the starting day and the finishing day

  • Next you will see a place where it says "Code Buttons" If it is a one day event click on Normal Mode.  If it is two days or more click on Guided Mode.  That way you can pick a background color and size of the font.  If you pick a dark background then use a light color for the text.  If you pick a light background you should pick a dark text.  Just try different things to make it show up the best.  You can always go back and change the color later.  The color shows up on the Calendar Page so everything doesn't just run together. 

  • Next you will click on Enable emoticons [one of the Smiles' ] if you want one on your listing.  Just click on the one you want and it will put the code on your description.

  • Next write your description.

  • Next click on Add Calendar Event

If you want to delete or edit what you have done go to the Calendar Page by going up to the top of the page you are on and click on the word [  Calendar.] and find your Event.  When you find the event on the calendar double click the event and a page will pop up to either let you edit or delete the event.  You may add as many events as you wish. 


Please register and join the Shop Oklahoma Discussion Forum whether you have an event to add or not. Many times on the Forum people post questions that you might be the perfect person to answer questions!

These links will step through Adding a New Event (each will open a new browse window):

  1. Register on the Shop Oklahoma Discussion Forum

  2. or, Login if you're already registered

  3. Add New Event

Sell Your Arts & Crafts on our Classifieds for Free

If you have problem putting your event on our site please e-mail office@shopoklahoma.com


Shop Oklahoma, Bixby, Oklahoma 74008

Shop Oklahoma  has been in business since 1996 and maintains over 900 pages on our site not counting websites we  develop and host.  We continue to grow having had over 12 million accesses in the last 12 months.  We are in the process  of streamlining the site and automating many of our services.

Use our free classifieds at  http://www.shopoklahoma.net/classifieds/ List your business on our free Yellow Pages.  http://www.shopoklahoma.org/phpYellow/register.php  After you register please "Login" and follow directions.  

Mini-Websites are available at www.http://www.shopoklahoma.org/phpYellow/register.php for $24.95 per year.  First register on our Yellow Pages.  We do not sell our mailing list to anyone.  To be in our White Pages you must register first for our Yellow Pages and upgrade.  The upgrade is less than $1.25 per month and we require a reciprocal link.  

If you would like to list a craft show go to http://www.shopoklahoma.com/craftlist.php.  Festival and Events will be listed at http://www.shopoklahoma.com/eventlist.php.

 If you are from Oklahoma and want to be hosted or advertise on Shop Oklahoma go to Advertising and Hosting

Janene, Karen, Linda and Michelle

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