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Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores - SIC 5910

Liquor stores - SIC 5920

Used merchandise stores - SIC 5930

Miscellaneous shopping goods stores - SIC 5940

Sporting Goods and Bicycle Shops - SIC 5941

Book Stores - SIC 5942

Stationery Stores - SIC 5943

Jewelry Stores - SIC 5944

Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops - SIC 5945

Ceramics domestic-studios supplies, etc. - Group SIC 5945-21

Ann's Ceramics - Wholesale domestic and international

Ann Watson
Rt. 1, Box 341
Earlsboro, OK 74840
Phone: (405)997-5990
molds, greenware, bisque, finished (including OK souveniers), supplies (including paints, glazes, etc as well as brushes, lite kits, anything needed to finish a project).

Camera & Photograpic Supply Stores - SIC 5946

Gift, Novely, and Souvenir Shops - SIC 5947

RT 1 Box 254, Porter OK 74454
. We grow organicly and buy organics. We have a wide selection of herbs, spices, herbal teas, medicinals, Lavender products, medicinal salves and other items. We will soon have our bath and lavender products on line too.

Luggage and Leather Goods Stores - SIC 5948

Sewing, Needlework, and Piece Goods - SIC 5949

Nonstore Retailers - SIC 5960

Catalog and mail-order houses - SIC 5961

Merchandising machine operators - SIC 5962

Direct selling establishments - SIC 5963

Fuel and ice dealers - SIC 5980

Fuel and ice dealers, n.e.c - SIC 5982

Fuel oil dealers - SIC 5983

Liquefied petroleum gas dealers - SIC 5984

Fuel dealers, n.e.c. SIC 5989

Retail stores, n.e.c. - SIC5990

Florists - SIC 5992

Cigar stores and stands - SIC 5993

News dealers and newsstands - SIC 5994

Optical goods stores - SIC 5995

Miscellaneous retail stores, n.e.c - SIC 5999

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