Blast Furances and Steel Mills - SIC 3312

Colonial Foundries, Inc. (Emp. Range: 0-20)
South Highway 64
P. O. Box 905, Haskell, Ok 74436
Phone: (918)482-3334
Mrs. D.M. Groth, Owner
Stainless steel, Ni-hard

Sheffield Steel Corporation (Emp. Range: 501-1000)
220 N. Jefferson St>
P. O. Box 218, Sand Springs, Ok 74063-6554
Phone: (918)245-1335 Fax: (918)241-6517
William C. Schwartz, President/CEO
Deformed reinforcing bars, Merchant bar rounds

IKG-Borden (Emp. Range: 0-20)
2020 West 21st. Tulsa, Ok 74107-2746
Phone: (918)599-8417 Fax: (918)599-8679
Rick Harvey, Branch Manager
Steel and aluminum bar grating

Steel Wire and Related Products - SIC 3315

Highland Supply Corporation (Emp. Range: 51-100)
300 Highland
P. O. Box 151, Hobart, Ok 73651
Phone: (405)726-5661 Fax: (405)726-5660
Randall K. Arnold, Plant Manager
Wire, low carbon steel

All Brands (Emp. Range: 0-20)
824 N. Purdue, Oklahoma City, Ok 73127-5836
Phone: (405)943-3181 Fax: (405)943-3199
Jack Oliphant, Owner

Sheffield Steel Corporation (Emp. Range: 501-1000)
220 N. Jefferson St.
P. O. Box 218, Sand Springs, Ok 74063-6554
Phone: (918)245-1335 Fax: (918)241-6516
William C. Schwartz, President/CEO
Studded "T" fence posts

B D & J, Inc. (Emp. Range: 0-20)
3 N. Lawton, Tulsa, Okk 74127
Phone: (918)584-6550
John W. Cheatham, President
Wire fence stays and post clips

Wire Rope Corporation of America (Emp. Range: 0-20)
8521 Regency Dr., Tulsa, Ok 74131-3624
Phone: (918)227-1260
Larry Oster, District Sales Manager
Wire rope

Cold Finishing of Steel Shapes - SIC 3316

Cargill Steel & Wire (Emp. Range: 0-20)
1035 Keystone Ave., Catoosa, Ok 74015
Phone: (918)266-5660 Fax: (918)266-6920
Joe Stone, General Manager
Carbon steel sheet and plate

Sauk Southwest Steel Co. (Emp. Range: 51-100)
990 Keystone Ave.
Drawer 760, Catoosa, Ok 74015
Phone: (918)266-3850 Fax: (918)266-6906
Joe Handrahan, President
Cold drawn steel bars, Turned and ground steel bars

Hearon Steel of Oklahoma City (Emp. Range: 0-20)
6412 S. Eastern, Oklahoma City, Ok 73149
Phone: (405)677-9792 Fax: (405)672-9119
D.N. Hearon, President
Reinforcing steel, cut and bent to specifications

Sheffield Steel Corporation (Emp. Range: 51-100)
2700 SW 15th Street
P. O. Box 83408, Oklahoma City, Ok 73148
Phone: (405)682-1331 Fax: (405)686-6811
Russell Meredith, General Manager
Reinforcing bars, merchant bar rounds

American Tank & Construction Company (Emp. Range: 0-20)
1421 N. Fulton
P. O. Box 1891, Tulsa, Ok 74115-5319
Phone: (918)838-3319 Fax: (918)838-0101
John Michael Hess, President
Structural rolling and cones

Steel Pipe and Tubes - SIC 3317

Failing, George E. Company Emp. Range: 101-250)
2215 South Van Buren Ave.
P. O. Box 872, Enid, Ok 73701
Phone: (405)2344141 Fax: (405)233-6807
Jeff Smith, President
Water well & oil field drill pipe

Webco Industries, Stainless Products Division (Emp. Range: 21-50)
P. O. Box 803, Mannford, Ok 74044-0803
Phone: (918)865-4741 Fax: (918)865-4996
David E. Boyer, Plant Manager
Stainless steel welded tubing, small diameter, Stainless steel welded pipe

Pixley Tube Corp. (Emp. Range: 21-50)
Hwy 81 South
P. O. Box 31, Marlow, Ok 73055
Phone: (405)658-6676
Carlis Pixley, Owner
Structural steel tubing

Unistrut Oklahoma (Emp. Range: 0-20)
4116 Will Rodgers Parkway, Oklahoma City, Ok 73108
Phone: (405)942-1163
Philip Burgess, Vice President
Telespar rubing, Unistrut, Space Frame

Webco Industries (Emp. Range: 251-500)
201 Woodland Drive
P. O. Box 100, Sand Springs, Ok 74063-8500
Phone: (918)241-1000 Fax: (918)245-0540
Paul Strokey, Vice-President
Steel tubing, mechanical and pressure

Tulsa Tube Bending Co., Inc. (Emp. Range: 21-50)
4192 South Galveston
P. O. Box 1017, Tulsa, Ok 74107-7035
Phone: (918)446-4461 Fax: (918)446-1595
J. D. Frank, President
Coiling pipe & tube for fired and unfired heaters

LaBarge Pipe & Steel Company (Emp. Range: 101-250)
1300 North LaBarge Avenue
P. O. Box 355, Wagoner, Ok 74467-1817
Phone: (918)485-9511 Fax: (918)485-8700
Pierre L. LaBarge, 111, President Coiling pipe & rube for fired & unfired heaters

Unarco Commercial Products (Emp. Range: 501-1000)
400 S. E. 25th, Wagoner, Ok 74467-7916
Phone: (918)485-9531 Fax: (918)485-3853
Marvin Weiss, President
Tubular and pipe products

Gray and Ductile Iron Foundries - SIC 3321

CFM Corporation (Emp. Range: 21-50)
102 South 29th
P. O. Box 549, Blackwell, Ok 74631-2454
Phone: (405)363-2850 Fax: (405)363-1662
David J. Kice, President
Gray iron castings - foundry, Machine shop, Ductile castings

Eagle Iron, Inc. (Emp. Range: 21-50)
400 E. Frisco, Blackwell, Ok 74631-1723
Phone: (405)363-3424 Fax: (405)363-3450
Adrian L. Bregnard, Marcus P. Bates
Gray & ductile iron castings

Electron Corporation, The (Emp. Range: 101-250)
510 N. 25th, Blackwell, Ok 74631-2402
Phone: (405)363-3115 Fax: (405)363-5016
R. Hicks, Plant Manager
Ductile castings, gray iron castings

Ram Machine, Inc. (Emp. Range: 0-20)
9818 S. 219 E. Ave., Broken Arrow, Ok 74014-5911
Phone: (918-455-5555
David W. Rowden, President
Special couplings, header plugs

Sentinel Mfg. Co. (Emp. Range: 21-50)
P. O. Box 2347, Broken Arrow, Ok 74013-2347
Phone: (918)258-1516 Fax: (918)251-6751
Castings (ductile iron, gray iron, aluminum)

Tomahawk Metals, Inc. (Emp. Range: 0-20)
5759 Bird Creek Ave., Catoosa, Ok 74015-3008
Phone: (918)266-7766 Fax: (918)266-6897
Joe Handrahan, Vice Presdient/General Manager
Turned & polished bar

Superior Casting, Inc. (Emp. Range: 51-100)
1100 E. 14th
P. O. Box 370, Dewey, Ok 74029
Phone: (918)534-1263 (Fax: (918)534-0260
A. L. Bregnard, General Manager
Flanges, ductile iron,, Castings, Ductile and grey iron

Shadid Foundry and Mfg. Co., The (Emp. Range: 0-20)
1100 South Walker, Oklahoma City, Ok 73109-1342
Phone: (405)236-4414
Alena Shadid, President
Cast aluminum letters, plaques, industrial casting

Pryor Foundry, Inc. (Emp. Range: 251-500)
Hunt St., Mid-America Park
P. O. Box 549, Pryor, Ok 74362
Phone: (918)476-8321 Fax: (918)476-6587
J. H. Gilbreath, Manager
Ductile iron castings

Prattville Casting Company (Emp. Range: 0-20)
5836 S. 116th W. Ave., Sand Springs, Ok 74063-3757
Phone: (918)245-2259
Boyd Pugh, President
Raw castings - Impellers, bowls, Brass, bronze, aluminum and staineless steel

B & L Foundry, Inc. (Emp. Range: 0-20)
316 S. 7th Street
P. O. Box 351, Tonkawa, Ok 74653-5001
Phone: (405)628-2665 Fax: (405)628-2772>br? William F. Stowers, President

Tonkawa Foundry, Inc. (Emp. Range: 21-50)
510 S. 7th Street
P. O. Box 504, Tonkawa, Ok 74653-5005
Phone: 580-628-2575  Fax:  580-628-2236, E-Mail 
Jim Salisbury COO, Sandy Linton Salisbury CFO, Bud Edmisson VP Sales
Castings, Ni-resist, A532 White Iron

Big Four Foundries Corp. (Emp. Range: 101-250)
6630 S. 57th W. Avenue
P. O. Box 700360, Tulsa, Ok 74131-2409
Phone: (918)445-1151 Fax: (405)445-1173
Mr David Coman - President
Mr Doug Coman - Plant Mgr
Gray and ductile iron foundries

Empire Foundry Co. (Emp. Range: 21-50)
2729 Charles Page Blvd.
P. O. Box 3477, Tulsa, Ok 74127-8314
Phone: (918)587-3327 Fax: (918)581-8932
Dale L. Stockton, General Manager
Castings - gray and ductile iron

Flanagan Iron Works (Emp. Range: 21-50)
6740 S. 57th W. Avenue
P. O. Box 2069, Tulsa, Ok 74131-2411
Phone: (918)446-1505
Kirk Hurst, Manager
Ferrous castings

Oklahoma Forge, Inc. (Emp. Range: 0-20)
5259 S. 49th W. Avenue
P. O. Box 702500, Tulsa, Ok 74170-1500
Phone: (918)446-5553 Fax: (918)445-2081)
Stephen R. Duenner, President
Open die forgings, rings, discs, blocks, etc.

SIC 3322

Big Four Foundries Corp. (Emp. Range: 101-250)
6630 S. 57th W. Avenue
P. O. Box 700360, Tulsa, Ok 74131-2409
Phone: (918)445-1151 Fax: (405)445-1173
Mr David Coman - President
Mr Doug Coman - Plant Mgr
Malleable iron foundries

Steel Investment Foundries - SIC 3324

Aluminun Extruded Products - SIC 3354

Macklanburg-Duncan Co 4041 N Santa Fe Ave Oklahoma City, Ok County: Oklahoma Est: 1920 Emp: 1000 Imp/Exp: Export Contacts: Mr R L Gaugler - Ch Of Brd Ms Sue Robinette - Dir Prsnl Phone: 405-528-4411 Fax: 405-557-3541 1-800# 800-654-0007 Mailing Address: PO Box 25188 Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0188 Web Page HTTP:// Parent Information: SIC Codes and Products # SIC Code SIC Description 1. 2891 Adhesives and sealants 2. 2821 Plastics materials and resins 3. 3354 Aluminum extruded products 4. 3423 Hand and edge tools, n.e.c. 5. 2851 Paints and allied products Products: Adhesives, sealants, weatherstripping, coatings, hand tools, aluminum & vinyl extrusions
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