Greenleaf Lake and Trails

Circling scenic 930 acre Greenleaf Lake, the 16 mile primitive trail begins and ends in Greenleaf State Park. The trail is designed for
overnight backpacking but is also excellent for day hikers. The trail passes through areas which allow hikers to view many species
of wildlife. (Ticks are abundant, so bring your repellant) The trail passes through Military Department as well as State Park lands and
as some areas are periodically used for military maneuvers, and by the Wildlife Department for public hunting, it is important to
observe any posted regulations. Hikers must also register at the park office for a briefing before hiking the trail. It is also suggested to
call the office ahead of time to check trail conditions. The trail was built and is maintained by an Oklahoma City based backpacking
club. The Trail is
closed only closed only from Oct. 23 to Oct. 31 and Nov. 20 to Nov. 28

Greenleaf Lake State Park



Above Map Courtesy of Mark D. Dorian