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Turtle Regulations

Zebra Mussel Alert
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    Resident • Fee Valid Lic. Code
    Fishing (Annual) $20.00 1/1-12/31 RF
Home   2-day Resident Fishing $10.00 1/1-12/31 R2F
    Youth Annual Resident Fishing (16-17) $5.00 1/1-12/31 YF
Purchase a License   Combination, Fishing and Hunting $37.00 1/1-12/31 CHF
    Youth Annual Combo Fishing and Hunting $9.00 1/1-12/31 YC
Natural Resources   Fishing and Hunting Legacy Permit $5.00 1/1-12/31 FHL
    Lifetime Fishing $225.00 Lifetime N/A
Fishing   Lifetime Fishing over age 60 $55.00 Lifetime N/A
    Lifetime  Combination F&H $775.00 Lifetime N/A
Law Enforcement   Lifetime Combination over age 60 $240.00 Lifetime N/A
  Trout License 10.00 1/1-12/31 TR
Hunting Youth Trout (under 18) $5.00 1/1-12/31 YTR
  Lake Texoma Lic. (See 1A below) $12.00 1/1-12/31 LTF
Outdoor Calendar Senior Citizen Fishing (Lifetime) (See 2A below) $6.00 Lifetime N/A
    Senior Citizen F&H (Lifetime) (See 2A below) $10.00 Lifetime N/A
Educational Programs   Disability Fishing License (See 3A below) $10.00 Five (5) Years N/A
    Blue River Passport $21.00 1/1-12/31 BRP
About the Department   Land Access Permit (Honobia Creek  & Three Rivers WMA) $16 1/1-12/31 LAF
    • A resident is any individual who has resided in Oklahoma for a period of not less than 60 days and has the intention of making Oklahoma his or her home during this period. A driver’s license must be provided to purchase a resident licenses.
    Nonresident * FEE VALID Universal Lic.Code
    Fishing (Annual) $37.00 1/1-12/31 NAF
Fishing (5-Day) $18.50 5 Consecutive Days N5F
Fishing and Hunting Legacy Permit $5.00 1/1-12/31 FHL
Lifetime Fishing $275.00 Lifetime N/A
    Trout License $10.00 1/1-12/31 TR
    Lake Texoma License (See 1A below) $12.00 1/1-12/31 LTF
    Land Access Permit (Honobia Creek  & Three Rivers WMA) $25 1/1-12/31 LAN
    Blue River Passport $21.00 1/1-12/31 BRP

* A nonresident is any individual who is a resident of another state or who has resided in Oklahoma less than 60 days whether or not he or she intends to make Oklahoma their home during that period.

1A A Lake Texoma license allows anglers to fish the entire lake without having to purchase a resident or nonresident license. Oklahoma residents possessing an Oklahoma fishing license are not required to purchase this license if only fishing the Oklahoma portion of the lake.

2A Residents born on or after January 1, 1923, upon reaching age 64 (or those who turn 64 during the calendar year) may purchase a Senior Citizen License which is good for the rest of their life. Anyone born before January 1, 1923, is exempt but must carry proof of age such as a drivers license. Senior Citizen License applications are available through Department headquarters, field installations and license vendors. Purchased only through Department headquarters.

3A A Disability Fishing License shall be issued only to legal residents who have resided in this state for at least six (6) months and who are receiving Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits or both. This license is valid for five (5) years. Purchased only through Department headquarters.

Blue River Conservation Passport is a new license required of all persons who enter or use the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area, unless exempt.  The following persons are exempt from the purchase of the Blue River Conservation Passport: Persons who possess a resident or nonresident annual fishing or hunting license, a resident combination fishing/hunting license, a lifetime resident or nonresident fishing, hunting or combination license, a senior citizen fishing or hunting license, or a disability fishing or hunting license; residents who are under eighteen (18) years of age on the first day of the calendar year; and students and instructors participating in bona fide educational tours or activities sponsored or organized by an educational institution or any other organized event sanctioned and approved in advance by ODWC.

Note:  All annual licenses expire December 31 unless otherwise stated in the regulations.

Obtain a copy of the Oklahoma Fishing Regulations for complete details on fishing licenses, exemptions and regulations.


For ODWC information, contact Paul Moore at pmoore@odwc.state.ok.us.


                   License Requirements     

An Oklahoma resident or nonresident fishing license is required of all persons who take, attempt to take or possess fish or other aquatic dwelling organisms by any method in Oklahoma. A fishing license or written evidence of exemption must be carried while fishing. Persons fishing the Red River must have a valid Oklahoma fishing license unless exempt. 

Texoma Fishing Licenses



License Requirements for Border Waters


Lake Texoma License (Type 208): $7.50

License Exemptions

The following persons are exempt from the resident or nonresident fishing license: 
• Residents under 16, and nonresidents under 16 who are residents of AL, AK, AR, CA, CT, DE, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, Ml, NH, NY, NC, ND, OH, TX, or Wl. 
• Nonresidents under 14. 
• Resident owners or tenants, their spouses, parents, grandparents, children and their spouses, grandchildren and their spouses who fish in private ponds on land owned or leased by such owner or tenant. 
• Nonresidents 64 and older who are residents of Texas.
• Resident disabled veterans with 60 percent or more disability. Call State Dept. of VA, 1-888-655-2838 for additional information.
• Any person who fishes with pole and line, trotline or throw line in streams, natural ponds and mine pits in or forming the boundary of the county in which he is a bona fide resident, when using any bait other than commercial or artificial bait, blood, stink bait, cut fish, and shrimp. 
• Oklahoma citizens in the U. S. Armed Forces serving outside Oklahoma on authorized leave and with written evidence on their person. 
• Any person legally blind or physically impaired who is unable to properly use fishing apparatus and one accompanying companion while the blind or physically impaired person is fishing. 
• Any patient of a state institution in Oklahoma established for the care and treatment of mental illness or alcohol or drug dependency or any person developmentally disabled residing in any group home or other institution or persons developmentally disabled when accompanied by an attendant of such institution or legal guardian or when fishing on institutional property. 
• Residents having a proven disability rendering them nonambulatory and confined to wheelchairs as certified by a duly qualified physician. 
• Job Corps trainees of this state, having a proper identification card. 
• Persons under 18 who are in legal and physical custody of the State of Oklahoma or its agencies by court order.

Turtle Regulations

(Noncommercial): Taking of turtles shall be lawful in all waters throughout the year with a resident or nonresident fishing license provided that:
• no more than 6 turtles per day are taken; 
• shooting of turtles on federal reservoirs is prohibited; 
• terrestrial (land) turtles may not be sold; 
• taking of the western chicken turtle, map turtle 
and/or alligator snapping turtle is prohibited; 
• the Wichita Mountains NWR is closed;
• no aquatic turtles may be sold or purchased without the proper commercial turtle harvester or buyers license.

Bullfrog Regulations

Bullfrogs may be taken with hook and line, gig, spear, bow and arrow or other methods, except firearms, under a resident or nonresident fishing license. Bullfrogs taken with a firearm require a hunting license. Bullfrogs may be taken throughout the year provided that:
• no more than 15 bullfrogs per day are taken; 
• bullfrogs may not be sold or shipped out-of-state; 
• the Wichita Mountains NWR is closed. 

General Regulations

• fish without carrying a license or written evidence that you are exempt.
• fish upon the land of another without the consent of the owner, lessee or occupant of such land.
• fish in a State Designated Trout Area or their tributaries during trout season without first purchasing a Trout License; there are no exemptions.
• release trout, paddlefish, striped bass and/or striped bass hybrids which are placed on a stringer, in a livewell or otherwise held in possession.
• use a grabhook in all state waters, except as provided for in Delaware and Mayes counties under “STATEWIDE REGULATIONS.”
• use gaff hooks to assist in landing paddlefish (spoonbill), statewide.
• catch fish from the waters of this state and such fish are dead or die as a result of such act, and not remove those fish and bury or burn them, except nothing shall prevent anglers from returning fish remains to lakes and reservoirs. No person may bury or burn any dead fish where they will become exposed thru erosion or where such land is at anytime subject to overflow.
• sell, barter or trade fish, frogs or turtles, except under commercial license.
• enter, swim, wade, operate a boat or a float or floating device in any safety zone (that water area below any dam for a distance of fifty (50) yards from base of the dam).
• use, operate or park vehicles not registered for use on public roadways under Vehicle Code 47 O.S. 1971, 15-101 thru 15-114 on lands owned or managed by the Department of Wildlife.
• possess fish, or parts thereof, taken by another person without written information which includes the taker’s name, address, license number, date taken and, number and kind of fish, plus name and address of person receiving said fish.
• use and/or place into lakes and reservoirs of this state any container, including but not limited to drums, cans, tubs, boxes or barrels which attract, entice or lure fish into an open cavity within the container.
• possess, consume or use any intoxicating beverage as defined in 37 O.S., Section 163.1 or controlled and/or dangerous substance as defined in 63 O.S., Section 2-101 on any lands or waterways subject to the control of the Department of Wildlife, except in camping and parking areas.
• use jet skis, jet boats and other similar non-propeller-driven watercraft in the upper Illinois River above the confluence with Baron Fork Creek.
• tamper with the trotline, throwline, jugline or limbline of another person without permission from that person.

General Trout Regulations

• A resident or nonresident fishing license is required of all persons who take or attempt to take fish, including trout, unless otherwise exempt.
• A trout license ($7.75) is required for all who fish in state designated trout areas or in tributaries to a state designated trout stream during trout seasons. THERE ARE NO EXEMPTIONS. 
TROUT SEASONS: See map and description of each state-designated trout area on pages 19-21.
• It is unlawful to take fish from state designated trout areas during trout seasons by any means except one rod and reel (or one pole and line). 
• Trout caught and placed on stringer or otherwise held in possession cannot be released.
• Daily limit is six (6) rainbow trout per person per day at all state designated trout areas except the Lower Mountain Fork River (see map and description of Lower Mountain Fork trout area on page 20).
• There is no minimum size limit for rainbow trout at any state designated trout areas except the Lower Mountain Fork River below Broken Bow dam (see page 20).
• Daily limit for brown trout is six (6) with no minimum size limit, except at the Lower Mountain Fork River and Lower Illinois River where it is one (1); size limit: 20 inches minimum, with a possession limit of two (2) after the first day.
POSSESSION LIMIT: No person shall have in their possession in the field more than one (1) daily limit of any trout species. After the first day, no person shall have more than twelve (12) rainbow trout and twelve (12) brown trout in their possession, except at the Lower Mountain Fork River and Lower Illinois River where the possession limit for brown trout is two (2). Nonresidents shall not have more than two (2) days limit of any trout species upon leaving the state. 
Trout Fishing Tips: Oklahoma has two introduced species of trout - rainbows and browns, with rainbows being far more abundant. Fingerling browns are stocked when available in the Mountain Fork River below Broken Bow dam and in the Lower Illinois River while rainbows are usually stocked every two weeks at all eight of the state’s trout areas during designated trout seasons. Anglers can use the following tips to help them put trout on the stringer:

• Use an ultra-light rod and reel spooled with six pound or lighter line to produce more strikes.
• Small spinners, spoons and crappie size jigs (tube or maribou) are good artificial lures.
• Fishing with live or prepared bait such as worms, power baits and salmon eggs is very productive where legal.
• Try small hooks (size 10 to 18) and sinkers to keep bait near the bottom and prevent trout from detecting any resistance.
• Fish during the early morning and late afternoons for best action.
• Concentrate on fishing around structure such as behind large rocks, logs and below riffles. Trout also tend to congregate above and below waterfalls, in and around deep pools and undercut banks.
• Rainbows tend to occupy faster moving water while browns may be found in more slack stretches.
• Trout face upstream to wait for insects to appear above them.
• Fly fishermen should try to fish with flies that resemble the insects and crustaceans that are most seasonally abundant.
• Fishing often improves a few days after stocking when trout have adjusted to their new environment.

Zebra Mussel Alert!

A small, thumbnail size mussel with a zebra-like pattern of stripes known to greatly impact the environment has been found in the state, prompting concern by state and federal officials. Zebra mussels have been found inside the locks at both Robert S. Kerr and Webbers Falls along the McClellan-Kerr Navigation System. 
Due to their high reproductive rate and the limited number of natural predators, zebra mussels can significantly populate a body of water in two or three years. They can cluster together with hundreds of thousands per square meter.

Possible Impacts: 
The zebra mussel’s reproductive and living habits have raised concerns that they may affect the aquatic environment. By altering the food chain and water chemistry, as well as through sheer numbers of mussels, native aquatic species may be adversely impacted. Zebra mussels may also affect manmade facilities by clogging water intake pipes and disrupt ing withdrawal operations. The mussels attach themselves to, and grow within, water intakes of both inboard and outboard motors. Subsequent restriction of water flow can cause motors to overheat. 
Although some treatments have proven effective for spot control, eliminating zebra mussels once they are established is not likely. 

Problems and Solutions for Boaters: 
Because microscopic zebra mussel larvae can be unknowingly transported in bilges, engine cooling systems, minnow buckets, live wells and anywhere water is trapped, the following precautions should be taken to help slow their spread.
• Drain the bilge water, live wells and bait buckets before leaving.
• Inspect the boat and trailer immediately upon leaving the water.
• Scrape off any zebra mussels or aquatic vegetation found. Do not return them to the water.
• If possible, dry the boat and trailer for at least a week before entering another waterway.
• Wash boat parts and accessories that contact the water using hot water (at least 140 degrees F.), or spray with high pressure water.

Whats New for 2002?

• Under a cooperative fisheries management agreement between the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department and the ODWC, the following bodies of water have special fishing rules and regulations designed to improve and expand “Close to Home” fishing opportunities in the Oklahoma City metro area: Dolese Youth Park Pond, Kid’s Lake, South Lakes Park Ponds (proposed), Crystal Lake, Edwards Park Pond (proposed), all waters within the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge, Zoo Lake (east side only) and the North Canadian River extending downstream from NW 10th St. bridge (including impoundments, ponds and wetlands) to NE 10 St. in OKC. Special regulations on methods of fishing and on daily bag and size limits apply. See page 13 for details.

• At Ft. Cobb Reservoir, the size and limit has changed on walleye, sauger and saugeye to a 14-inch minimum. See page15 for details.

• At Lake Hefner, the size limit on smallmouth bass has changed to an 18-inch minimum. See page 14 for details.

• State and Oklahoma City fishing regulations on Lake Draper, Hefner and Overholser are now uniform and identical. These regulations cover special restrictions on methods of fishing and on daily bag and size limits. See ”Special Area Restrictions” for details.

• At Pine Creek Reservoir, the size and daily bag limits have changed on black bass. Largemouth and smallmouth bass have a 14-inch minimum size limit. Spotted bass have no size limit and a daily bag limit of fifteen (15). See page 15 for details.

• At the Mountain Fork River trout stream below Broken Bow dam, the 20-inch minimum size limit on rainbow trout now only applies to that portion of the trout stream from the state park dam downstream to the reregulation dam. See page 15 for details. 


Adair Rec Area Lake C J J J J J J J J J  
Carl Albert Lake K J J J J J J J J J  
Kids Fish out (fountain- head SP) K,F K K K K K K K K K  
Konawa Lake K J J J J K J J J K  
Lone Chimney Lake D J J J J K J J J J  
Long mire Lake K J J J J K K K K K check with City of Pauls Valley for additional regulations
Pickens Lake D,E J J J J J J J J J  
Sooner Lake H J J J J K J J J K  
Taft Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Ten killer Reservoir K K K K K K J S K K applies to below Horseshoe Bend Boat ramp
Thunder bird Reservoir K K K K K J J J J J applies only to the little river tributary above Franklin Road in Cleveland County
Wichita Mountains NWR K J J J J J J J J J  
DEPT. FISHING AREAS                      
American Horse Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Blue River PF&HA A J J J J J J J J J  
Burtschi Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Carl Etling Lake A J J J J J J J J J  
Chambers Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Dahlgren Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Elmer Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Fugate Lake (closed) D J J J J J J J J J  
Hall Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Jap Beaver Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Nanih Waiya Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Ozzie Cobb Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Raymond Gary Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Schooler Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Vanderwork Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Vincent Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
Watonga Lake A J J J J J J J J J  
Wayne Wallace Lake D J J J J J J J J J  
RIVERS AND STREAMS                      
Arkansas River K K K K K K K K J K applies to Arkansas River from Keystone Dam downstream to Zink Lake Dam
Black Fork Creek K K K K K M K K U K  
Canadian River K K K K K K J J J K applies only from Eufaula dam downstream for 1 mile
Caney River K K K K K J K J J K Bow fishing is prohibited in the Caney River from Hulah Dam downstream 1,200 feet; spearguns and snagging is prohibited from Hulah Dam downstream to the confluence of old and new river channels.
Grand (Neosho) River K K K K K O R R T W below Pensacola dam
Illinois River & Tributaries K K K K K L P J J J excluding trout stream
Below Hugo Dam D,G J K K K N Q Q V J applies to the first 1,000 feet below the dam, except trotlines, throwlines and noodling is prohibited downstream from Hugo Dam to railroad bridge.
Little River K J J J J K K K K K applies only to Little River below Pine Creek dam for distance of 2000 feet
Poteau & Fourche Maline Rivers & tributaries in Leflore Co. K K K K K K J J K K  
Poteau River K J K K K K K K K K downstream from Wister Dam to 1/4 mile past confluence of old & new river channels
Tailwaters (below dam) D,G K K K K N Q Q V K first 1000 feet below any Federal or GRDA dam
Webbers Falls L and D 16 (below dam) D,G J J J J N Q Q V K applies to the first 1,000 feet below the dam, except throwlines, limblines, juglines,trotlines, and yo-yo's are prohibited downstream for one mile
Zink Lake Dam (Arkansas River) G,I I I I I I I I J I downstream to I-44
TROUT AREAS                      
Lower Illinois River C J J J J J J J J J  
Lower Mountain Fork C J J J J J J J J J below Broken Bow Dam downstram to Hwy 70 bridge
Quartz Mountain B J J J J J J J J J  
Robbers Cave B J J J J J J J J J  
US FOREST SERVICE LAKES                      
Dead Indian K J J J J K K K K K Check with USFS for additional regulations.
Skipout K J J J J K K K K K
Spring Creek K J J J J K K K K K
Quachita National Forest Lakes and Ponds K J J J J J J J J J
A only one (1) rod and reel per person during trout season (other times no more than 2 per person)
B only one (1) rod and reel per person during trout season (other times no more than 7 per person).
C only one (1) rod and reel per person at all times.
D only two (2) rods and reels per person.
E only open to residents who are under 16 yrs, or 65 yrs. or older, or 60% disabled, or legally blind and those assisting them.
F only open to persons under 16yrs. or 64yrs. or older or 60% disabled, or legally blind, or physically impaired and one companion.
G unlawful to keep a foul hooked fish (any fish hooked other than inside the mouth), unless taken in a tailwater open to snagging (see Tailwater - snagging).
H bankfishing only (no floats, wading) in the buoy marked intake channel, discharge channel and spillway embank meet. Fishing prohibited from dam, fenced area below dam, and north bank of intake channel.
I fishing prohibited (by all methods) from April 25 fom May 9, annually from Zink Lake Dam downstream to PSO.
L closed...except upstream from Horseshoe Bend boat ramp open from Dec. 1 thru Mar.31, annually.
M only open from old Heavener Fish Hatchery dam down-stream to Poteau River from Dec. 1 thru May 15.
N closed...except Wister, Eufaula, Ft. Gibson, Keystone, Hudson, Thunderbird which are open.
O closed below turbine outlets downstream to State Park Bridge and below spillway outlet downstream to highline crossing. The next 1/2 mile below the highline crossing is closed only when the spillway gates are discharging water and for seven (7) days following closure of gates.
P closed...except from Horseshoe Bend boat ramp upstream to Hwy 62-51 bridges gigging is open to taking nongame fish and white bess from Dec. 1 thm Marl, annually....fom Hwy 62-51 bridges upstream gigging is open from Dec. 1 thru Mar31, annually.
Q closed...except Hudson which is open. 
R closed below turbine outlets downstream to State Park bridge and below the spillway outlets downstream for one (1) mile.
S speargunning legal when used with SCUBA, except taking flathead catfish from June15 thru July 15 is prohibited.
T closed below turbine outlets downstream to State Park bridge and below the spillway outlets downstream to highllne crossing. The next 1/2-mile below the highllne crossing is closed to snagging only when spillway gates are closed.
U closed within Leflore County... except from April 15 thru May15.
V closed...except Ft. Gibson tailwaters are open 24 hours while Wister and Hudson are open to snagging from sunset to sunrise only.
W closed below turbine outlets downstream to State Park bridge and below the spillway outlets downstream to highline crossing except the day of and two (2) days following closure of spillway gates when noodling shall be legal.
Oklahoma Angler Recognition Program - Rules and Application

Fish must be taken in Oklahoma waters in accordance with Oklahoma fishing regulations. Fish taken from hatchery or fee-fishing areas are not eligible. Fish must he weighed with scales certified for legal trade. Only fish caught on hook and line are eligible (rod & reel, cane pole, trotline, limb line, jugline) and must be played by one person. Anglers must present their fishing license or proof of exemption to the witnesses at the time of catching and weighing. Send this form to: Angler Recognition Progran, 18(11 N. Lincoln, Oklahoma ) City, OK 73105. 

To apply for Master Angler Award: You keep the fish, weigh it and send a photo.

To apply for Trophy Fish Conservationist: Take a photo of fish being measured and then release the fish. 

PHOTOS SHOULO BE A CLOSE-UP SIDE VIEW OF THE FISH. (See table for minimum qualifications.)

Angler's name____________________________ Fishing License #:_________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________________ State ___Zip ___________ Phone ___________ Species of Fish: ________________________________ Weight of Fish: ________ lbs. ______ oz. Length of Fish__________Where caught: Lake _______________ Stream ____________ Pond_____ County______________________ Date caught___________ Type of bait or lure: ______ 

Type of hook & line fishing: Rod & Reel__ Pole & Line__ Limbline__ Jugline__ Trotline__

Catch witnessed by (signature)___________________________ Phone(___)__________________________

Weighed at (store or other public scale) ____________________________

Address ________________________________

Weighing witnessed by (signature)_______________________ ______________________________________________

Phone (___)______________________ Was the fish released?__ YES __NO

I (signature) ___________________________ have complied with the above rules

Minimum weight/ length: Species Master Angler Weight Trophy Conservationist Length (inches)
Largemouth bass  7lbs 21
Smailmouth bass 3lbs 8oz 20
Spotted bass 3lbs 18
Striped bass 17lbs 30
White bass 3lbs 19
StripedIVIhite hybrid  10lbs 28
Channel catfish 11lbs 29
Blue catfish 30lbs 41
Flathead catfish 40lbs 42
Bullhead (all species) 2lbs 16
Paddlefish 60 lbs na
Crappie. black & white 2lbs 8oz 16
Sauger 2lbs 8oz 19
Saugeye  5lbs 21
Walleye 6lbs 23
Sunfish (all species) 1lbs 9 1/2
Trout (all species) 4lbs 21


Daily creel limits are for 24 hour periods (midnight to midnight). No person shall have in their possession in the field more than one (1) daily limit of any fish species. Nonresidents shall not have more than two (2) days limit of any fish species in their possession upon leaving the state. After the first day, no person shall have more than twelve (12) rainbow trout and two (2) brown trout in their possession. When measuring fish, total length is measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail with fish laid flat on a ruler, mouth closed and tail lobes pressed together: 

Largemouth, Small mouth and/or Spotted Bass 6 (aggregate) None
Channel and Blue Catfish (+) 15(aggregate) None
Flathead Catfish (++) 10 20" min.
White and/or Black Crappie 37(aggregate) None
Trout (+++) Refer to special trout maps and regulations  
Walleye. Sauger andlor Saugeye 5(aggregate) 18" min.
Striped Bass (+++) 15 Only 5 may be 20" or longer
Striped bass hybrids andlor white bass none None
Paddlefish (+++) and (++++) From Jan. 1 through March 14;One (1) per day 

From March 15 through May15; Three (3) per day 

From May16 through Dec 31; One(1) per day




Other Species none None

+: Scuba divers with spearguns from May 1 through August31: Daily limit of three (3) (aggregate), no size limit Statewide limits apply for the remainder of the year

++: Noodlers and scuba divers from May 1 through August31: Daily limit of three (3);20"minimum, statewide limits apply remainder of year

+++: Release of paddlefish, trout, striped bass and/or striped bass hybrids caught and placed on a stringer, in a livewell, or otherwise held in possession is prohibited, statewide (no culling).

++++: From Jan.1 through March 14 and May 16 through Dec.31: .

  1. Catch and release of paddlefish is permitted by use of rod and reel and trot line only.
  2. Taking paddlefish by use of bow and arrow, gig, spear, or speargun is prohibited.
  3. Paddlefish caught and placed on a stringer or otherwise held in possession cannot be released (no culling).
From March 15 through May 15:
  1. Catch and release of paddlefish taken by any method, except trot line, is prohibited.
  2. Keep what you catch until reaching the daily creel limit of three, then cease fishing.
  3. Trotliners keep all fish until reaching the daily creel limit of three, then release all others immediately.
All year:
  1. Persons who possess paddlefish shall keep their paddlefish separate and distinctly identifiable (plainly labeled with taker's name and address) from paddlefish possessed by another person.
  2. Use of "gaff hooks" to assist in landing paddlefish is prohibited.
  3. No person may possess fifty (50) pounds or more of raw unprocessed and unfrozen paddlefish eggs, or five (5) pounds or more of processed paddlefish eggs. "Processed paddlefish eggs" are any eggs taken from a paddlefish that have gone through a process which makes the eggs into the product caviar or into a caviar-like product.
  4. No person may ship into or out of, transport into or out of, have in possession with the intent to so transport, or cause to be removed from this state raw unprocessed or processed paddlefish eggs, unless such eggs are in a solid, frozen state.
The following water bodies have special regulations that differ for one or more species of fish. Anglers should also keep in mind that municipalities, national wildlife refuges and the Chickasaw National Recreation Area have theauthority to set fishing regulations on waters in their jurisdication that differ from either the statewide regulations listed above or the individual lake regulations listed below. Some methods of fishing on the Oklahoma portion of Lake Texoma do not apply to the Texas portion. Check the Texas Fishing Regulations for details. It is the angler's responsibility to know what regulations apply to the body of water they are fishing. Lakes listed below are organized by regions, with 1-35 and 1-40 being the dividing lines. 
NE Small- Mouth Large- Mouth and/or Spotted Bass Channel, blue, and/or Flathead Catfish White and/or Black Crappie Walleye, Sauger and/or Saugeye Striped Bass Stripped Bass, Hybrids and/or White Bass
Adair Rec. Area A H * * * *
Arcadia B * * * * *
Birch C * * * * Q
Carl Blackwell A * * * * Q
Chimney Rock C * * * * *
Chouteau A * * * * *
Copan A * * * * *
Dripping Springs E * * * * *
Ft. Gibson A * I * * *
Grand (including all tributaries to state line) A * I * * Q
Greenleaf A H * * * *
Heyburn A * * * * *
Hudson A * I * * *
Kaw A * * * * *
Keystone A * * * * *
Lone Chimney C * * * * *
McClellan-Kerr Navigation System A * * * * *
Newt Grahom A * * * * *
Oologah A * * * * Q
Robert S. Kerr A * * * * *
Skiatook A * * * * S
Sooner A * * * N R
Taft A * * * * *
Tenkiller D * I * * *
W.D Mayo A * * * * *
Webbers Falls A * * * * *
NW Small- Mouth Large- Mouth and/or Spotted Bass Channel, blue, and/or Flathead Catfish White and/or Black Crappie Walleye, Sauger and/or Saugeye Striped Bass Stripped Bass, Hybrids and/or White Bass
American Horse A H * * * *
Canton * * * * * Q
Carl Etling A H * * * T
Elmer A H * * * *
Evans Chambers A H * * * *
Foss A * * V * Q
Ft. Supply * * * * * Q
Great Salt Plains * * * K O Q
Optima A * * * * R
U.S. Forest Service lakes (Dead Indian, Skipout, Spring Creek * H * * * *
Vincent A H * * * *
Watonga A H * * * *

Not all species listed above are present at each lake. contact ODWC Regional Fisheries Offices at Byron (580) 474-2663
SE Small- Mouth Large- Mouth and/or Spotted Bass Channel, blue, and/or Flathead Catfish White and/or Black Crappie Walleye, Sauger and/or Saugeye Striped Bass Stripped Bass, Hybrids and/or White Bass
Arbuckle  C * I * * *
Blue River Public Fishing Area A H J * * *
Broken Bow D * * * * *
Carl Albert A * * * * *
Dahlgren A H * * * *
Eufaula A * * * * *
Hugo A * * * * *
Konawa E * * * * Q
McGee Creek E * * * * *
Murray  * H * * * *
Nanih Waiya E H * * * *
Ouachita National Forest ponds and lakes A H * * * *
Ozzie Cobb A H * * * *
Pine Creek C * * * * *
Raymond Gary E H * * * *
Schooler A H * * * *
Sardis A * * * * *
Texoma F U I * P P
Thunderbird A * * * * *
Wayne Wallace A H * * * *
Wister A * * * * *

Not all species listed above are present at each lake. Contact ODWC Regional Fisheries Offices at Holdenville (405)379-5408, Durant (580)924-4087 or Norman (405)325-7288.
SW Small- Mouth Large- Mouth and/or Spotted Bass Channel, blue, and/or Flathead Catfish White and/or Black Crappie Walleye, Sauger and/or Saugeye Striped Bass Stripped Bass, Hybrids and/or White Bass
Altus-Lugert A * * * * Q
Burtschi A H * * * *
Crowder E H * * * *
Ellsworth, Lawtonka * * * W * *
Elmer Thomas G H * * * *
Ft. Cobb A * * * * Q
Hall C H * * * *
Jap Beaver A H * * * *
Tom Steed A * * * * Q
Vanderwork C H * * * *
Waurika A * * * * Q

Not all species listed above are present at each lake. Contact ODWC Manning Hatcheries (580)529-2795.

Other Waters with Special Creel & Size Limits
All ponds and streams in the following Dept. of Wildlife Management Areas: Atoka, Beaver River Gary Sherrer, Gruberi Cherokee, Cookson, Ellis County, Ft Gibson, James Collins, Lexington, Gkmulgee (except the Deep Fork River), Pushmataha, Robbers Cave, Sandy Sanders, Spavinaw and Stringtown. A H * * * *
All ponds and streams in all other Dept of Wildlife Management Areas (unless listed separately) * H * * * *
State Park lakes (unless listed separately) * H * * * *
Wichita Mtns. NWR lakes (unless listed separately) * H * * * *
Red River (below Denison Dam) * * * * M M

* Same as statewide size and creel limits if species present.
A Size limit: 14" minimum. Daily limit of six (6) (aggregate), except at Skiatook Lake where there is no size limit on spotted (Kentucky) bass and the daily creel limit on spotted bass is 15. (See bolded "0" below). At Lake Wister, this regulation applies to all areas from the dam upstream to U.S. Highway 271 on Fourche Maline River; U.S. Highway 59 bridge on Poteau River, and the low water dam, 1/2-mile above country' road # 156 bridge on Holson Creek.
B Size limit: 22" minimum. Daily limit of three (3) (aggregate).
C Size limit: 13-16" slot, all bass between 13 and 16 inches must be released immediately. Daily limit of six (6) (aggregate).
D Size limit: 13-16" slot, all bass between 13 and 16 inches must be released immediately. Daily limit of six (6) (aggregate), except at Broken Bow Lake (from the slab at the "Narrows" downstream to the dam) and at Tenkiller Lake (downstream from the Horseshoe Bend boat ramp to the dam) where there is no size limit on spotted (Kentucky) bass and the daily creel limit on spotted bass is 15.
E Size limit: 16-22" slot limit, all bass between 16 and 22 inches must be released immediately. Daily limit of six (6) (aggregate), only one may be 22" or longer
F Size limit: 14" minimum. Daily limit of five (5) (aggregate).
G Daily creel limit of six (6) (aggregate), size limit: 13-16' slot, all bass between 13 and 16 inches must be returned immediately, except no size limit applies to spotted bass.
H Applies to channel and blue caffish only. Size limit: none. Daily limit of six (6) (aggregate). Flathead catfish is same as statewide size and creel limit (see page 8).
I Size limit: 10" minimum. Daily limit: fifteen (15) (aggregate), except at Lake Texoma, the daily creel limit is 37. At Tenkiller this regulation also applies to tailwaters, at Grand it includes all tributaries to the state line; and at Lake Gibson it includes all tributaries and upstream to Markham Ferry' Dam.
J Size limit: none. Daily limit: six (6) (aggregate).
K Size limit: none. Daijy limit: five (5) (aggregate).
M Size limit: none. Daily limit: five (5) striped bass and/or striped bass hybrids (aggregate).
N Size limit: none. Daily limit: five (5) (Applies to buoy marked discharge area only).
O Size limit: Only five (5) may be 20" or longer. Daily limit: twenty (20) (Applies to Great Salt Plains and tailwaters).
P The aggregate daily creel limit for striped bass and/or striped bass hybrids is ten (10), only two (2) of which may be 20 inches or longer. White bass size limit: none. Daily creel limit is 25.
Q Size limit: Only five (5) may be 20" or longer. Daily limit: Twenty (20) (aggregate). At Grand, also applies to Grand Hiver below Pensacola Dam downstream to State Hwy 82 bridge. At Oologah, applies to all tributaries to stateline and downstream below the dam to the mouth of the Caney River. At Tom Steed and Waurika, applies to both the lakes and their tailwaters. At Canton Lake, applies upstream to State Highway 281 and down stream to 1,000 feet below the dam.
R Size limit: none. Daily limit: five (5) (aggregate) Applies to Optima and the discharge area only of Sooner Lake.
S Size limit: Only two (2) may be 25" or longer. Daily limit: five (5) (aggregate). Size and creel limits apply to Skiatook Lake including all tributaries and tailwaters.
T Size limit: none. Daily limit: five (5) (hybrids). There is no daily limit for white bass.
U Channel and blue catfish size limit: 12" minimum. Daily creel limit fifteen (15) in aggregate. Flathead caffish size limit: 20" minimum. Daily creel limit five (5).
V Size limit: 16" minimum. Daily limit: five (5) combined.
W Size limit: 14" minimum. Daily limit: five (5) combined.
By taking the following measures, you can help ensure that bass released after a tournament will have better chance of survival. Fisheries research in Oklahoma indicates that when tournament anglers do not follow these procedures (especially during the summer months), significant delayed bass mortality can result. Fish often swim away vigourously, but handling stress can cause the fish to die a number of days later. The research shows that implementing the following procedures will dramatically reduce delayed mortality:
  • Fill your livewell early in the day. 
  • Turn on the recirculating aerator to begin building oxygen levels before you put fish in.
  • Run aerators contiuously. Fish in the livewell will use oxygen faster than an aerator on a timer can put it back into the water. If your aerator must run on a timer contro, set it to run as frequently as possible. Distribute fish between live well compartments.
  • When water temps are above 80 degrees, recirculate water continuously rather than pumping in hot lake water. Add ice and salt. One eight-pound block of ice cools the average 25-30 gallon live well for about three hours. Adjust the amount of ice according to the size of your live well. Block ice is preferred becouse it melts slower. Keep extra ice stored for later in the day. Water frozen in plastic milk jugs makes this convenient.
  • Add non-iodized salt (1/3 cup per five gallons). Measure your live well volume then pre-measure salt. Keep it in zip lock bags for use during the day. Add 'Catch n' Release' as directed.
  • Twice during the day, drain half of the livewell water, refill with fresh water and add half the required amount of ice and salt with each water change.
  • If your boat cannot recirculate water in the livewell, run the flow-through aeration contiunously. 
  • seizure of boat and/or vehicle
  • seizure of equipment used (includes freezers)
  • suspension/revocation of fishing/hunting licenses (including lifetime licenses)
  • minimum fines of $100 plus court costs (first offense); $500 plus court costs (second offense), fines may be higher than the minimums specified
  • up to 90 days in jail
Selling fish out-of-state, or transporting fish across state lines with the intent to sell it, is a federal felony. Penalties for federal convictions on these charges are significantly higher
  1. Fish MUST be caught on rod and line and MUST be hooked and played by only one person. (Except for unrestricted division).
  2. Fish MUST be caught in accordance with Oklahoma Fishing Regulations.
  3. No fish caught from any hatchery or commercial put-and-take lake is eligible.
  4. Accredited or certified weight scales MUST be used to weigh the fish. Accredited steel measuring tapes MUST be used to measure the fish. The fish should be measured over the side from ( tip of nose to tip of tail (tail lobes pressed together) giving length of fish in inches. Measure the girth of the fish in inches around its widest puint. Three wirnesses, one of which must be an employee of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, must witness the weighing and measuring of the fish and sign the affidavit.
  5. The fish MUST be preserved in a live-weight condition until approved by an Oklahoma Wildlife Fisheries Biologist or Technician, and an official letter of verification from the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has been received by the angler.
  6. A clear photograph showing a close-up side view of the fish MUST accompany the completed fish affidavit form. All photographs become the property of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.
  7. The Department reserves the right to collect fish scale, tissue or spine samples to check fish identification and to refuse any questionable fish affidavit submitted. The affidavit must be submitted within 30 days of the date the fish is caught.
In addition to rod and line records, an Unrestricted Division includes the heaviest of those species taken by other legal means (bow and arrow, gig, spear, trotline, jugline, limbline, etc.) TYING or EXCEEDING the weight of existing rod and line records.

Public Lakes in Oklahoma are owned and operated by either the Wildlife Department, cities, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Grand River Dam Authority, the Division of State Parks, the U.S. Forest Service or the Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company




The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation owns and manages 15 small lakes ranging in size from 30 to 263 acres.

Information and maps about these lakes and their location can be obtained in a booklet entitled "Department Lakes" available for $2 from the ODWC Fisheries Division office. Special fishing regulations for these lakes are listed under Special Regulations and Creel Limits. The Department lakes include:

American Horse Lake - Located 10 miles west of Geary in Blame County. Encompasses 100 acres.

Lake Burtschi - Located 10 miles southwest of Chickasha in Grady County. Encompasses 180 acres.

Lake Evans Chambers - Located 18 miles west of Laverne in Beaver County. Encompasses 80 acres.

Lake Dahlgren - Located on the Lexington Wildlife Management Area, 11 miles northeast of Lexington in Cleveland County. Encompasses 30 acres.

Lake Elmer - Located 4 miles northwest of Kingfisher in Kingfisher County. Encompasses 60 acres.

Lake Etling - Located in Black Mesa State park, 26 miles northwest of Boise City ib Cimarron County. Encompasses 159 acres.

Lake Hall - Located 13 miles north of Hollis in Harmon Co. Encompasses 36 acres.

Lake Jap Beaver - Located 4 miles northwest of Waurika in Jefferson County. Encompasses 65 acres.

Lake Na nih Waiya - Located 1.5 miles northwest of Tuskahoma in Pushmataha County. Encompasses 131 acres.

Lake Ozzie Cobb - Located 6 miles northeast of Rattan in Pushmataha County. Encompasses 116 acres.

Lake Raymond Gary - Located 1 mile east of Ft. Towson in Choctaw County. Encompasses 263 acres.

Lake Schooler - Located 7 miles north of Sawyer in Choctaw County. Encompasses 35 acres.

Lake Vanderwork - Located 8 miles north of Gotebo in Washita County. Encompasses 135 acres.

Lake Vincent - Located in the Ellis County Wildlife Management Area, 13 miles southwest of Arnet in Ellis County. Encompasses 160 acres.

Lake Watonga - Located in Roman Nose State Park, 7 miles north of Watonga in Blame County. Encompasses 55 acres.


The lakes owned and operated by the Grand River Dam Authority are: 
Name Contact Acres Phone
Grand Lake 0' the Cherokees  59,200 (918)256-5545
Hudson Lake 10,900 (918)256-5545
W. H. Holway(Pumpback) 712 (918)256-5545


Four small lakes owned by the U.S. Forest Service include:
Name Acres Phone (aft. 5PM)
Dead Indian 110 (580)497-3318
Skipout 47 (580)497-3318
Clear Creek 30 (580)497-3318
Cedar 93 (918)653-2991


The lakes owned and operated by the Division of State Parks (1-800-654-8240, before 5:00 p.m.) include:
Name Acres Phone (aft.5PM)
Boiling Springs 182 (580)256-7664
Carlton Lake 465 (918)465-2565
Clayton Lake 66 (918)569-7981
Crowder 158  (580)343-2443
Greenleaf 920 (918)487-5196 
Murray Lake 5,728 (580)223-4044
Wayne Wallace 94 (918)465-2565

Name Acres Contact Phone
Altus-Lugert 4,081 Quartz Mt. SP (580)563-2238
Arbuckle 3,127 Chickasha Nat'l Rec. Area (580)622-3165 
Ft. Cobb 4,100 Ft. Cobb SP  (405)643-2249
Foss 8,880 Foss SP (580)592-4433
McGee Creek 3,580 McGee Creek SP  (580)889-5822
Tom Steed 6,400 Great Plains SP (580)569-2032
Thunderbird 6,070 Little River SP (405)360-3572
Names Acres Phone
Konawa 1,350 (580)925-2071
Sooner 5,400 (580)762-7441

Federal Lakes are large reservoirs constructed for multiple purposes including flood control, water supply, irrigation, hydropower, navigation, recreation and fish and wildlife. Such lakes may be operated and controlled by either the US Army Corps of Engineers (918/669-7339) or the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (405/231-4515).


US Army Corps of Engineers:

Daily information on lake levels,

water releases and water clarity: (918)669-7521.
Name Acres Project Office Phone
Arcadia 3,820 (405)396-8026
Birch 2,339 (918)847-2001
Broken Bow 14,200 (580) 494-6379
Canton 7,900 (580) 886-2989
Chouteau 2,270 (918)687-6091
Copan 4,850 (918)532-4334
Eufaula 102,200 (918)484-5135
Ft. Gibson 19,000 (918)682-4314
Ft. Supply 1,820 (580)766-2701
Gt. Salt Plains 8,690 (580)886-2989
Heyburn 980 (918)247-6391
Hugo 13,250 (580)326-3345
Hulah 3,570 (918)532-4334
Kaw 17,040 (580)762-5611
Keystone  26,020 (918)865-2621
Newt Graham  1,490 (918)687-6091
Oologah  29,460 (918)443-2250
Optima  5,340 (580) 888-4226
Pine Creek  3,800 (580)933-4239
R.S.Kerr  42,000 (918)775-4475
Sardis  14,360 (918)569-4131
Skiatook  10,540 (918)396-3170
Tenkiller Ferry  12,900 (918)487-5252
Texoma  88,000 (903) 465-4990
W.D.Mayo  1,500 (918)775-4474
Waurika  10,100 (580)963-2111
Webbers Falls  10,900 (918)489-5541
Wister  7,300 (918)655-7206

Selected Municipal Lakes:

Municipal lakes are city owned and operated primarily for water supply and recreational purposes. Anglers usually must obtain city permits to boat and fish and many have special boating and/or fishing regulations set by city ordinances.

Selected municipal lakes include: 
Name Acres City Phone
Ardmore/Jean Neustadt 142/462 Ardmore (580)223-4844
Atoka 5,700 Oklahoma City (580)889-2410
BellCow  1,000  Chandler (405)258-3212
Bluestem 762 Pawhuska (918)287-4692
Carl Blackwell  3,370 OSU (405)372-5157
Chickasha 1,950 Chickasha (405)453-7915
Duncan City Lake:      
    Clear Creek 722 Duncan (580)255-9397
    Duncan 500 Duncan (580)255-9538
    Fuqua 1500 Duncan (580)444-2460
    Humphreys 882 Ducan (580)658-3974
Durant 315 Durant (580)920-0879
Ellsworth  5,600 Lawton (580)529-2663
Eucha  2,880 Tulsa (918)253-4344
Frederick 925 Frederick (580)335-7751
Guthrie/Liberty 274/167 Guthrie (405)282-3306
Hefner  2,580 Oklahoma City (405)755-4014
Holdenville 550 Holdenville (405)379-3397
Langston 304 Langston (405)466-3303
Lawtonka  2,398 Lawton (580)529-2663
Lone Chimney 550 Tri-County Auth (405)762-3581
Longmire  1,000 Pauls Valley (405)238-2007
McAlester  1,240 McAlester (918)421-4942
McMurtry/Boomer 1155/260 Stillwater (405)747-8070
Mountain Lake  233 Ardmore (580)561-6145
Overholser  1,700 Oklahoma City (405)755-4014
Pauls Valley 750 Pauls Valley (405)238-3308
Rocky 347 Hobart (580)666-2221
Shawnee 1 & 2 2,436 Shawnee (405)273-0701
Spavinaw  1,637 Tulsa (918)598-2460
Stanley Draper  2,800 Oklahoma City (405)755-4014
Sunset 10 Guymon (580)338-3376
Wes Watkins 1000 Pottawatomie Co. (405)273-1866
Wintersmith Park 10 Ada (580)332-2506



Note: Check for changes in prices and times open before going to these docks

Chikasha Southeast cove near dam (405)453-7915 FREE Year-round, $2.00 lake fishing permit
Duncan Clear Creek Lake (580) 255-3564 FREE Year-round, $2.00 lake fishing permit
  Fuqua Lake (580) 444-2460 FREE Year-round, no charge-senior citizen or handicap
  Humphreys Lake (580)658-6268 FREE Year-round
Ellsworth Haiph's Reso (580) 492-4763 $2.50  Year-round
Eufaula Arrowhead State Park/Marina (918)339-6511 $3.00  Year-round 
  Fountainhead Marina (918)689-5242 $3.00 Year-round
FL Cobb Ft. Cobb State Park/Marina (405)643-5480 $5.00 Call for hours
FL Gibson Sequoyah Bay Marina  (918) 687-4073 3.00 24 hrs
      $1.50  62 yrs. & older; Open 24 hrs
      Free  5 yrs. & younger if accompanied by adult 
  Cove at Sequoyah State Park  (918) 772-3270  $3.00 Adult, 9 and under free w/paid adult 
      $2.00  Senior Citizens
Foss  Foss Lake State Park/Marina (580)592-4577 $4.00 General Admission; Year-round, 24hrs
      $3.00  Senior Citizens, children under 12-free 
Grand  Ballerina Pier 59 (918) 786-5357 $3.00 Open 24hrs.; Year-round 
  Big Hollow Resort .  (918)786-5236 $3.00 Open 24 hrs.; Year-round
  Blue Bluff Harbor  (918)786-5531 $3.00 Open 6am to 10pm; Year-round 
  Four Seasons Resort Public:  (918)786-5512 $3.00  Public: 6am to 8pm; Guest: 24 hrs.; Year-round
  Elk River Paradise  (918)786-9045 $2.00 24 hrs.; Year-round 
  Ice Box Bluff Fishing  (918)786-5065 $3.00 Per day; Open 6am to 10pm; Year-round 
  Long's Resort  (918)786-2332 $3.00 Per person, per day; Open 7am to 10pm; Year-round
  Red Rock Resort  (918)786-2882 $2.00 24 hrs.; Year-round 
  Twin Bridges Recreation Area  (918)542-2284 $2.00 24 hrs.; Year-round 
  Walnut Cove (918)786-2105  $2.00 24hrs.; Year-round
Hudson Hudson Lake Marina (918)434-6099 $3.00 One or two poles; Year-round; 24 hours
      $4.00 Three Poles
  Indiana Springs Marina (918)589-2485 $3.00 Per day; Open 7am to dark; Year-round
Keystone Keyport Marina (918)865-3321 $1.50 general Admission; 24 hours
      $.50 12 yrs and under w/adult
  Pier 51 Marina (918)865-2197 $3.00 General Admission; Year round
      $2.00 Senior citizens and children
Lawtonka Robinson's Landing (508)492-4940 $1.00 4 hrs; Year-round; $1.00/day lake fishing permit
      $10.00 24 hours
Lake Murray Lake Murray State Park/Arena (580)490-9191 $4.00 General Admission; Seasonal-call for hours
Oologah Red Bud bay Marina (918)341-5190 $3.00 Adults; Year-round 7am-7pm
    (918)341-9701(payphone) $2.00 Senior citizens and Children
Shawnee Twin Lakes Lake Headquarters (405)273-0701 $1.50 General Admission; Year round
      Free Under 14 - over 65
Tenkiller Caney Ridge Marina (918)457-4417 Call for rates  
  Pettit Bay Marina (918)457-5728 $2.00 Per day; 7am-10pm; Year round
  Sixshooter Camp Resort (918)457-5152 $3.00 4 hrs; Seasonal - call for hours
      $5.00 All day (no night fishing) 
Texoma Cumberland Cove Resort (580) 795-3828 $4.00 day; Year-round, 7am-7pm
  Donut Fish Arena (580)564-2082 $4.00 Year-round, 6am to 6pm 
Waurika Marina (580) 963-3531 $3.00 12 hrs., 1 pole
      $ 4.00 24 hrs., 2 poles
      $1.00 24 hrs., guests 

Oklahoma Fishing Records
updated 1/17/2001

Species             lbs/ozs.   Angler                 Where Caught         Date 

Americian Eel           5-7    Dolores Munsell        Lower Illinois Riv.  1995
BASS, Largemouth      14-11    William Cross          Broken Bow           1999
BASS, Smallmouth        7-8    Carl Gayle             Lake Texoma          1996
BASS, Spotted           8-2    O. J. Stone            Pittsburg Co. Pond   1958
BASS, Striped          47-8    Louis Parker           Lower Illinois River 1996
BASS, White             5-4    Paul Grace             Eufaula              1984
BASS, Hybrid Striped   23-4    Paul Hollister         Altus-Lugart Lake    1997
BASS, Yellow Hybrid     2-5    George R. Edwards      Kiamichi River       1991
BOWFIN                 11-2    Thomas Jones           Hugo Lake            1983
BUFFALO, Bigmouth     59-15    LeRoy Broaddric        Greenleaf            1988
BUFFALO, Smallmouth    34-8    Bill Santino           Lake Texoma          1993
BUFFALO, Black          7-7    Paul Southerland       Lower Illinois River 1992
BULLHEAD, Black        6-13    Gary Cole              Jackson Co. Pond     1984
CARP, Common           35-0    Kenneth Patton         Spavinaw Lake        1997
CARP, Grass            64-0    Dan West               Arbuckle Lake        1998
CARPSUCKER, River      7-11    W. C.  "Bill" Kenyon   Canadian Co. Pond    1990
CATFISH, Blue          85-0    Darrell Long           Lake Texoma          1999
CATFISH, Channel       30-0    Richard Sirmons        Washita River        1974
CATFISH, Flathead     71-00    James Skipper          Oologah Lake         1998
CRAPPIE, Black         4-10    Rollie Williams        Ottawa Co. Pond      1974
CRAPPIE, White         4-15    Frank Robinson         Kingfisher Co. Pond  1991
DRUM, Freshwater       38-0    Harold Phillips        Tenkiller Lake       1976
GAR. Alligator        153-0    Terry Dean Busby       Red River            1991
GAR, Longnose          41-0    Dean Pittman           Red River            1988
GOLDEYE                 2-8    James R. Smith         Arkansas River       1996
GRASS PICKEREL          0-7    Barry Bryant           Beaver Creek         1995
HERRING, Skipjack       3-6    Bobby Moore            Eufaula Tailwater    1992
PADDLEFISH            112-0    Gene Johnson           Grand Tailwaters     1992
PICKEREL, Chain        2-10    Eric Lowe              Mt. Fork River       1982
PIKE, Northern         36-8    Raymond Fernmandez     Lake Carl Eting      1976
REDHORSE, River         8-5    Willis Pippin          Illinois River       1977
SAUGER                  5-5    Chet Munds             Kerr Reservoir       1981
SAUGEYE                9-14    Teresa Berry           Lake Thunderbird     1992
SHOVELNOSE STURGEON    2-15    Paul R. Forman         Arkansas River       1997
SUNFISH, Bluegill       2-6    Tom Shorter            Kay Co. Pond         1987
SUNFISH, GREEN          2-7    Eddie Shulanberger     Pontotoc Co. Pond    1972
SUNFISH, Hybrid        1-14    Hal Smith              Bryon Co. Pond       1997
SUNFISH, Redear         2-1    Ruby Lee Farmer        Logan Co. Pond       1973
BROWN, Rainbow         7-12    Eddie Elkins           Mountain Fork River  1996
TROUT, Rainbow         10-4    Billy Payne            Illinois River       1966
WALLEYE               12-10    Jerrod Lingle          Altus-Lugert         1995



For ODWC information, contact Paul Moore at pmoore@odwc.state.ok.us.



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