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The Wrong Stuff - by Truman Smith
The adventures and mis-adventures of an 8th Air Force Aviator. A romantic WWII high adventure historical biography of Ponca City's Truman Smith when he was a 20-year-old combat pilot in Europe.  Published by University of Oklahoma Press $15.95


American Indian Ballerinas - by Lili Cockerille Livingston
An authorized biography of four twentieth-century American Indian ballerinas: Maria Tallchief, Rosella Hightower, Marjorie Tallchief, and Yvonne Chouteau. $34.95

Bill Pickett Bulldogger - by Colonel Bailey C. Hanes
Biography of Bill Pickett, one of the outstanding cowboys, as well as one of the natives of the 101 Ranch and the Wild West shows. $14.95

Life an Death of an Oilman - by John Joseph Mathews
A personal biograhy, written by one who knew him well, E.W. Marland, who emerges as a man who epitomized the color and the drama of the oil industry.  $14.95

Garth Brooks, The Road Out of Santa Fe - by Matt O'Meilia
The early career of Garth Brooks is colorfully depicted by his first drummer. Most entries in this genre are either insider tell-all revelations of scandal or breezy glorifications. $19.95

Lydie's Legend - by Patti Apman
The story of E. W. Marland's second wife, this book is illustrated with numerous photographs. $8.95

Mankiller: A Chief and her people - By Wilma Mankiller and Michael Wallis
Chief of the Cherokee Nation, tells not only her personal story, but honors and recounts the complex history of the Cherokees. $13.95

Oil Man - by Michael Wallis
The Story of Frank Phillips and the Birth of Phillips Petroleum. $16.95

Until We Meet Again - by Michael Korenblit
A True Story of Love and Survival in the Holocaust. Writing about his Ponca City parents, Meyer and Manya Korenblit. $13.95



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Children's Books

The Choctaw Code - by Russell G. Davis and Brent K. Ashabranner
This book won the 1995 Oklahoma Book Award in the children's division, but is suitable for all ages. $17.50

The Choctaw - by Emilie U. Lepthien
A brief history of the Choctaw Tribe for juvenile readers. Illustrated on every page. $4.95

Johnny Rides Again - by Jo Ann Muchmore
A story of a family and a blue heeler named Johnny. Rose learns that there's a place for both old and new memories, and that different experiences aren't always bad. Of special interest to children grades 2 through 4. $14.95 hardback/$5.95 paperback

Sacagawea - by M. Medlin-Howell
Sacagawea at 15 1/2, carrying her infant son on her back, led Lewis and Clark's "Corps of Discovery" expedition toward the Pacific Ocean. She was familiar with the terrain of the Northwest. She knew several Indian languages, and she served as a symbol of peace for the expedition as they went through the hostile Indian territories. She loved adventure and was a willing translator. Not a single member of the Corps was lost because of hostile action by any Native Americans.


Angels in Disguise - by Lou Dean
A coming of age story set in Osage County, Oklahoma. $7.95

A Gentle Breed - by Barbara DeVault
The Story of Bathsheba, A Town Without Men is about Oklahoma. Fictionalized what little is known about the town of all women that was found after the Cherokee Strip Run. The town was called Bathsheba. You may be familiar with the myth.

The Final Jihad - by Martin Keating.  Martin Keating's Spine-tingling suspense... a frenzied vortex of mystery, terror, intrigue, passion, sex and brutality that kidnaps its readers. I was mesmerized by it -- and still am. The Final Jihad is a haunting novel that never lets you go. It's prophetic, and may be the terrorists' actual blueprint. "Every American should read this book."  Richard Wilson, King Features Syndicate.  Terrorism stalks America. No one is safe.  Martin Keating is a gripping storyteller whose insider counter espionage detail rings true on every page. "The Final Jihad is a roller coaster of deadly thrills...Riveting!"  John O'Mahony, New York Post
The Final Jihad may be purchased at Steve's Bookstore in Tulsa or ordered from Amazon.  The author Martin Keating is the brother of Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating.

Forever Home
- by M. Medlin-Howell
New novel that takes place in Oklahoma by an Oklahoman. Setting is in and around Broken Arrow and Tahlequah. Spans ten years in life of girl growing up from 1944-1954 -- light romance Paperback 6" by 9", $12.95 Get your autographed copy now !

Resort to Murder  - by Carolyn Hart

About love the second time around. Lloyd Drake, Henrie O's former son-in-law and the father of her grandchildren, plans to marry a wealthy widow. Henrie O accompanies her grandchildren to Bermuda for the wedding. Bermuda is an island that welcomes lovers, but this wedding party has death as an uninvited guest.

Lloyd is passionately in love with Connor Bailey, a beautiful widow with a knack for attracting men. Only a year ago, the resort manager's husband was her conquest until he fell - was it an accident? - from a tower after a very public quarrel with Connor. Now his ghost seems to be prowling the grounds of the luxury hotel and Connor is terrified.

Henrie O doesn't believe in ghosts though even she can't explain away the unnerving late night apparition. A second death - this time a fall from a cliff - makes it clear to Henrie O that there is great evil abroad in this enclave of elegance.

She sets out to unmask the creator of a "ghost" but soon she realizes there is much more at stake. She draws on a half-century of expertise as a top-notch investigative reporter to reveal a truth so cleverly concealed there seems to no chance it will ever be discovered. But that's only half the battle. As a cold and relentless killer stalks a missing child, Henrie O races to the rescue.

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Oklahoma History

The 101 Ranch - by Ellsworth Collings and Alma Miller England
A history of the world-famous Miller Brothers 101 Ranch. $15.95

The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot-Angels of Mercy - by Bob Hower
This 245 page, 8 by 11 inch, perfect bound, laminated paperback book has now been expanded for publication. It includes some 200 original pictures, newspaper clippings, letters and documents, written at the time by those who lived through and reported on the Tulsa Race Riot. It is the only publication on that riot which shows the documents from which the text is transcribed for easier reading.

Big Bluestem: Journey Into the Tall Grass - by Annick Smith with 300 photographs by Harvey Payne
A history of the land and attempts to preserve the Tallgrass Prairie east of Ponca City. $34.95

North Central Oklahoma: Rooted in the Past, Growing for the Future - by the North Central Oklahoma Historical Association
Limited Edition history covering many of the towns and early day communities of this area, as well as the families, businesses, churches and civic organizations which were established in the area of the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893 and the years following. The 9" X 12" hard bound, indexed book, with approximately 1,000 acid free pages and hundreds of pictures, is now offered to the general public. Included are stories of the pioneers who made the "Run", the 101 Ranch, the oil boom, the Native Americans who live here, the agricultural efforts, as well as much more! Hundreds of pages are devoted to family stories, and there is a section on schools, organizations, and historical landmarks. $74.00

Oklahoma II - by David Fitzgerald
A photographic essay, coffee-table book provides a fresh look at the state, by Oklahoma's own professional photographer. $39.95

Tales of the Old 101 Ranch - by Gordon Hines
Tales from the lighter side about the 101 Ranch. $8.95

Tragedies of the Osage Hills - by Arthur H. Lamb
True tales of the Osage Indians. $10.95

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Listing of Oklahoma Authors

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The 101 Ranch and the Creation of the American West - by Michael Wallis
It's hard to imagine a better fit between subject and author than Michael Wallis and the 101 Ranch....This is a very good read." - Larry McMurtry $35 from St. Martin's Press "For decades the story of the 101 Ranch and the Miller Family has delighted young and old alike... Michael Wallis' book will serve as an outstanding and entertaining guide to an institution that has played a significant role in the history of our great country."
- Gene Autry Ten years in the making, the Real Wild West achieves in nonfiction what Lonesome Dove did for fiction in 1985.  The Real Wild West written by the nationally best-selling author of Route 66, presents the never-told-before story of the most influential and memorable ranch of the old West.

Founded in 1893, the 101 Ranch in Oklahoma embodied the spirit of the frontier for the entire nation.  The Ranch's troupe of cowboys and cowgirls performed before packed audiences across the country, and 101 ranch hands starred in many of the first silent Westerns every made.  Full of incredible characters - Geronimo, Buffalo Bill, Will Rogers, and others who visited the ranch - and unbelievable stories, this tale reflects the story of America itself, in all its grandeur and all its foibles.

A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma - by Muriel H. Wright
This guide lists alphabetically the tribes within the state, providing the origin of the tribal name, linguistic stock, physical characteristics, present location, numbers, history, government and organization, contemporary life and culture, and ceremonials and public dances. $15.95

In the Shadow of the Tornado - by Richard Bedard
The story of the Woodward tornado of 1947 which swept across 200 miles of Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. $11.95

The Indians in Oklahoma - by Rennard Strickland
This short volume is packed with information and it is reflective of the ideals of Oklahoma Indian society. $11.95

Jacob's Blood - by Brad Mangum
"Jacob's Blood" about rebuilding a family (Post Civil War). Jake Brady leaves his home in Georgia to fight for the Union Army. He leaves behind his wife and son. With the war over, Grant and Lee had made peace, but Jake Brady returns home to find he has more fighting to do. He must fight to win back the love of his family and fight off those who would gladly kill a turncoat in cold blood. An employee came in my office one day and said, "Families have never been under such stress as they are today." My reply was, "Oh really, how would you like to look down your gun barrel and see your brother? That's what happened during the American Civil War." My book Jacob's Blood addresses the rebuilding of families after the Civil War. One reader from New Mexico called me and said," I laughed, I cried, but I couldn't but it down. I want all my Grandchildren to read this book." I then asked her if she felt this book would be more for a younger audience? Her reply, "I'm 60 years old and I loved it. This book is for anyone who is a member of a family and that includes everybody". In "Jacob's Blood" you will find humor, suspense, romance, and important lessons that can help rebuild and strengthen families today.

Maria Tallchief: Prima Ballerina - by Maria Tallchief
The daughter of a full-blooded Oklahoma Osage Indian, and a determined Scots-Irish mother, Maria became one of the world's legendary perforners before her 23rd birthday.  $27.50

Paw Prints in my Soul - by Lou Dean
For everyone who ever loved a dog. $9.95

People of the Seventh Fire - by Dagmar Thorpe
Ithaca, NY : Akwe:kon Press, 1996.  Photography by Lawrence Gus. Foreword by Vine Deloria, Jr Interviews.  Indian philosophy--North America.  Social life and customs.  Olympic Torch lights Moccasin Trail in honor of Jim Thorpe

The Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic - by Angie Deboe
Here is the story of the Choctaws, a proud and gifted tribe among the five civilized tribes of Indians. $15.95

Road Weary Warriors - by Sandi Rosamond
This is a humorous book about and for Road Warriors. This book came about as the result of the author's personal experiences while traveling around 100 thousand air miles yearly for a variety of corporations, educational institutions, and personal business. Meant to be somewhat funny and tongue-in-cheek, the information contained does have some truth mixed with what could only be categorized warped humor. For all the Road-Weary Warriors, it is hoped that this will lend a smile to the faces of the otherwise serious people who travel to earn an income.

Route 66: The Mother Road - by Michael Wallis
The definitive book on the most famous road in American history. Now published in paperback to celebrate the highway's 66th anniversary. $19.95 (paper) $35.00 (hard cover)

Way Down Yonder in the Indian Nation - by Michael Wallis
Writings from America's Heartland about life on the prairies. $11.95 (paper) $18.95 (hard cover)


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Lookin' at Life - by Joe Kreger
Some of the best cowboy poetry you'll ever read, in a small hardcover format with illustrations by local artist Gene Dougherty. $19.95

Small Pleasures - by Joe Kreger
An audio cassette featuring some of Kreger's cowboy poetry not available in any book. $10.95

Corporate Fairy Tales
A satirical look at business through the retelling of common children's stories. Liven up your work day with stories such as Goldstein and the Three Lawyers, The Pied Piper of Quality, and the 12 Days of Business.



Derivations Books
1316 N. Willard St., Altus, OK 73521
Phone: 580-477-4580, Fax: 580-477-4580, longcoat@intellisys.net
Specializing in small quantity paperback book production for authors who wish to self-publish and/or self-market

IMOCO Publishing
PO Box 471721, Tulsa, OK 74147-1721
Humor books and other related fun stuff. Even serious business can be funny.

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Recipe and Cook Books

Stir-ups Recipe Book
In it's 8th Printing with Proceeds going to the Junior Welfare League of Enid, Oklahoma. Recommended by Southern Living and Ladies Home Journal. Pick up your free sample recipe by clicking on the title.  Phone: (580)234-2665

Taste of the Territory Cookbook
Bartlesville Service League
822 S. Johnstone Bartlesville, OK 74003
Phone: (918) 336-4346
400 recipes. The recipes are easy-to-read and follow emphasizing fresh readily available ingredients just right for cooking at home in the 90's. Look for distinctive icons for light as a feather recipes and those with special flair. Stunning photos capture the vast territory landscape of Oklahoma. Benefits the Youth Canteen of Bartlesville through the Service League Endowment Fund.

Book Dealers - New

All About Me Books
PO Box 505, Jenks, OK 74037-0505
(918) 366-6426

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