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Travel, Recreation Message Board. Let's hear about your trips and tips

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E- Commerce Package


More Information on Hosting and what you receive 

We do not sell our mailing list, you may keep your privacy.
See privacy and copywrite statement


If you request the free listing or use any of our free animations we would appreciate you giving us a reciprocal link..



Shop Oklahoma, Bixby, Oklahoma 74008

Shop Oklahoma has been in business since 1996 and maintains over 900 pages on our site not counting websites we develop and host. We continue to grow having had 12 million accesses in the last 12 months. We are in the process of streamlining the site and automating many of our services.

Please use our free classifieds with pictures at http://www.shopoklahoma.net/classifieds.

List your business free on our Yellow Pages at http://www.shopoklahoma.org/phpYellow/register.php. After you register please "Login" and follow directions.

To be on our White Pages you must register first for our Yellow Pages and upgrade. We do require a reciprocal link to http://www.shopoklahoma.com.

Mini-Websites are available at http://www.shopoklahoma.org/phpYellow/register.php for $24.95 per year. If you sign up for a mini-page now, we will put that same page on our White Pages under http://www.shopoklahoma.com/yourpagename. The advantage of this is Search Engines spider Shop Oklahoma almost continually and this helps us both.

If you would like to list a craft show or event go to http://www.shopoklahoma.com/craftlist.php and http://www.shopoklahoma.com/eventlist.php.

We do not sell our mailing list to anyone.


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